Low pot supply creates problem for retailers

Pot retailers are running out of supplies all across Washington.

SPOKANE, Wash. - Pot retailers are running out of supplies all across Washington.

Even in the heat, Spokane Green Leaf, located off Country Homes and Division, had lines wrapping around their building Saturday. Right now only 24 retail stores have been licensed in the state of Washington.

Some marijuana retailers have had their doors opened for business since Tuesday. Retailers say business Is simply going great, so great they are running out of supplies.

Jody Cleveland is an employee of Spokane Green Leaf, one of the few remaining retailers in Washington with any product.

"I'm just amazed it's happened, we are the only ones who opened the first day. We wanted to give everyone the chance to be a part of history," said Cleveland.

Cleveland says they are running out of the product they have.

"I know we're setting up to have more tomorrow. We're going to be having a couple different strains," said Cleveland.

Cleveland said they will definitely be opening their doors tomorrow, but looking ahead to the coming weeks is where it gets tricky.

"I really don't know about the future, everything is based on a supply chain and the structure is just not there right now," said Cleveland.

As supply increases they are hoping to lower their prices as well, but a big reason prices are so inflated is out of their control.

"The taxes they seem pretty high right now, it's about a 60 percent tax on everything we get out the door," said Cleveland.

After just three days it is estimated Washington made over $148,000 from marijuana shops.

"It's all going to public service things, roads, health schools trying to keep kids from actually getting into this until they are actually ready to make that choice," said Cleveland.

Cleveland is confident that with time taxes will be adjusted and the supply won't be an issue.

The owners are keeping customers updated on their Facebook page, regarding product and store hours.