Loved ones remember Deaconess shooting victim

Loved ones remember Deaconess shooting victim

SPOKANE, Wash. - Franklin Park drew at least one hundred people Thursday night to remember the lives of Christopher and Sheena Henderson.

"We lost members of our community," Spokane Police Department Chaplain Ed Hoffman said. "They lost members of their family, their children lost two parents who did, who do deeply love them."

Chris Henderson entered a building on the Deaconess campus on July 8 and fatally shot his wife, Sheena, and then himself on the seventh floor. They leave behind their two kids.

"No matter what he did, no matter how I feel as a father towards what he has done, I need my grand babies to know that he's not the monster that some have portrayed him to be," Sheena's father Gary Kennison said.

Coworkers of Chris stood in front of the crowd and told them he was the funniest person in the room. Patients that Sheena drew blood from said she made having cancer not so bad. All agreed that losing both has been devastating.

"I think it's important for the kids to see it's not all about mommy, it's about daddy too," Kennison said.

Kennison hopes that all will let out the bad feelings and forgive. He wants the couple's two children to learn who their parents were from the people who called them "friends." A message that was well conveyed.

"We can move forward in a way that's beneficial that brings meaning and memory to these two individuals," Hoffman said.