Love is in the air: Spokane ranked as top 10 romantic city in US

Love is in the air: Spokane ranked as top 10 romantic city in US

SPOKANE, Wash. - If you live in Spokane, you must be romantic. According to a new study, the Lilac City is the 9th most romantic city in the US.

We wanted to find out why. Is it something in the air or water? The romantic hotels like the Davenport? Surely a romantic restaurant owner would know.

"I like it, I think it's cool," said Sante Restaurant owner Jeremy Hansen.

Hansen knows fine cuisine and love. Couples come to his restaurant all the time to celebrate each other.
"Guests will come in and eat food and drink wine for 5-6 hours," Hansen said. "And we like that actually." 

We also asked Pat and Patty Sprute, married 21 years. 

"(Spokane has) a lot of beautiful scenery," Patty said. 

"I can only imagine a handful of other cities we could have remained married for 21 years," Pat joked. 

Is it the pretty snow, the fun carousel, the beautiful Riverfront Park or river? 

Actually, it's Amazon sales. 

The study was based on sales of romantic items like romantic comedies, books, and music album purchases from artists like Barry White. While it may not be those things we mentioned earlier, people we talked with think those things must inspire Spokane's romantic residents.

In that survey Seattle is second. Vancouver and Everett also made the top 20. Knoxville, Tennessee is ranked the most romantic city.