Local sports fans gather to watch the big game

SPOKANE, Wash. - Local sports fans gather to watch the big game

For a lot of Eastern fans, braving the cold out at Roos Field was the issue today. For Cougs, it was that long trek down to Albuquerque. But there was still plenty of celebrating going on here in Spokane.

Saturday's cold weather may have played a factor in the game but it certainly didn't seem to have much of an impact on fan turnout. A very cold Sue Joslin said she was planning on bringing the whole crew to Roos Field, snow or no snow.

"Yes, it's freezing, but we're ready, we're ready for the inferno," said Joslin.

She wasn't the only die-hard Eagle roughing it out in Cheney for the big game. Alex Suarez knew the Eags had their work cut out for them, but was confident.

"I think were close. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they do it today and the results will speak for themselves," he said.

A lot of folks made the wise decision to skip standing out in the freezing cold. They brought the party to Sergio's downtown, a home to Eagles, Zags, and maybe just a few Cougars.

"We are just watching the Cougs play. We came on down for the big Cougar watch party," said Randy Schwaegler. He brought his wife and kids in to witness what he hoped was going to be history.

"It means the world. It's been ten years since our last bowl game and it will be the first of many, I think down the road. Mike Leach has done wonders for our team," said Schwaegler.

Though the afternoon wrapped up with some heartbreak, the consensus from most of the fans I spoke with was that all of our Eastern Washington teams had a great season and a great deal to be proud of.