Local politicians denounce Trump's comments

Local politicians denounce Trump's comments

SPOKANE, Wash. --- GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's campaign is hurting as Republicans continue to denounce him for his lewd comments.  Several have even withdrawn their support. 

The video, recorded in 2005, was released by the Washington Post on Friday. Trump and current TODAY show host Billy Bush can be heard discussing a failed attempt to seduce a woman. Trump goes on to boast about groping women. 

Last night, Trump released a video statement addressing his comments. 

"I said it. It was wrong. I apologize," Trump said. 

Even Trump's running mate is speaking out against the comments

Governor Mike Pence said in a statement that he cannot condone or defend Trump's comments. 

Politicians are speaking up across the country, and in the Spokane area. 

The highest ranking Republican woman in the House of Representatives denounced the GOP nominee.

Washington Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers said in a statement that "it is never appropriate to condone unwanted sexual advances or violence against women."

She did not say whether or not she would be withdrawing her support.

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo did. 

Crapo tweeted: "I can no longer endorse Donald Trump. This is not a decision I have reached lightly, but his pattern of behavior left me no choice."

Voters are now trying to process the national reaction.

"I think that its the end for him. I really don't see how he can come back from something like this. It's too bad," said Stephanie Leckness. 

"I like the premise of a businessman and getting into politics, but definitely not Donald Trump and definitely not now," she said.

The Clinton campaign has remained mostly mum on the video, but it will likely shape the conversation at tomorrow's presidential debate.

The debate starts at 6p.m. on KXLY.