Local parties react to presidential debate

Local parties react to presidential debate

SPOKANE, Wash. - Both the Spokane County Democrats and Spokane County Republicans held watch parties for Monday night's presidential debate.

One thing both parties agree on is that the candidates could not be more different.

After Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton went back and forth on the topics of job creation, cyber security and race, the democrats at the Lincoln Center felt Clinton demonstrated why she is the clear choice.

"I think she did great and she has the patience of a saint to put up with what he's doing and saying," Cindy Schwartz, a grassroots volunteer and Clinton supporter, said.

"She's not letting Donald Trump get away with making up things and she knows her stuff and she has the experience and the enthusiasm," Jim Castrolang chair of the Spokane County Democrats said.

They cheered supportively as their candidate spoke of making college debt-free and gun safety measures and laughed loudly as Clinton shut down Trump about her 'over preparing' for the debate.

In the Spokane Valley at the Republican watch party, Trump supporters felt their candidate truly showcased his qualifications but say Trump didn't do as well as he could have.

Many felt he was strongest on the topics of job creation while falling a bit short in his debate style.

"Couple times tonight he wanted to defend his record and so when Hillary Clinton went on the attack, and she attacked a lot tonight because she has nothing to defend herself, Mr. Trump wanted to defend his record as a business man and I think occasionally he should have turned it back onto her and highlight her failings," said WA Senator Doug Ericksen, 42 Legislative District.

Even so, republicans felt Trump came out on top.

Several of his supporters saying it can be hard to get past his lippy style, but they say that's how business people, not politicians, work.

There are two more debates to go and both local republicans and democrats expected to hold watch parties for those as well.