Local Hawks fans remain positive, despite loss

SPOKANE, Wash. - It was a roller coaster ride for Seahawks fans watching the playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons.
On Sunday morning, dozens of fans packed into Sergio's in downtown Spokane to watch the game.
10-year-old Jack Clavel was glued to the TV. "I've been a Seahawks fan all my life," Clavel said.

Local Hawks fans remain positive, despite loss

Even after a tough first half when the Hawks were down 20-0, fans like Clavel didn't lose hope.

"I'm not nervous at all, I don't get nervous," he said.
As the Hawks started adding points to the scoreboard, the crowd went wild! The roller coaster didn't end in our favor, the Hawks lost by 2 points.
"I'm happy they made it this far but I am not satisfied that they ended right here," Nate Kiddo said.
"I'm just disappointed in this game because they had the game... They just let Atlanta drive down the field on the last drive," Clavel said.
In the end, the fans have a lot to be proud of this season. The Seahawks won 12 games, including a playoff road game.
"Next year is our year," Kiddo said. "Next season we are going to do way better, we are all prepared and everything," Clavel said.