Local girl seeking community help to enjoy two-wheeled freedom

Local girl seeking community help to enjoy two-wheeled freedom

SPOKANE, Wash. - The joy of riding a bike for the first time is something that no child ever forgets. The feel of the pedals, the wind in your face, and the freedom those two wheels give you.

For one local girl a challenge she's been faced with since birth is keeping her from doing just that.

Brooklyn Page, 8, is legally blind, but that doesn't slow her down. She is very energetic, has a quick with and speaks her mind.

"We've tried to make her life full of fun," Brooklyn's mom Brittany Page said.

It doesn't matter if it is bowling, roller skating or tap dancing Brooklyn is game to try just about anything.

"She is magnetic there are so many people who ever meets here draws to her and wants to be her best friend and wants to be a part of her life which is amazing," Page said.

Her next adventure is to ride a bike, but she can't do it alone so Brooklyn's mother entered her into a nationwide contest to win a tandem buddy bike.

"Brooklyn has been between I would say 5th and 1st place this whole time through the contest and we just want to keep it going strong," Page said.

Now they need your help. The contest ends at the end of March and they need as many people to vote for Brooklyn as possible.

They say adding the joy and excitement of riding a bike will be their best adventure yet.

"For her to feel the freedom of actually feeling like she is riding the bike would be amazing," Page said.

For more information and to vote click here.