Local company says more needed to keep schools safe

SPOKANE, Wash, - Schools continue to be one of the safest place for our children, however one local group says more can be done to keep them safe in class.

The Center for Personal Protection and Safety says lockdown is usually a school's only response when it comes to a threatening situation. It's suggesting that more training can be done, even physically confronting an attacker.

In its training video 'Shots Fired' the Spokane-based Center for Personal Protection and Safety takes students through an active shooter scenario.

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"And the reality is there's a huge difference between trained and untrained individuals in responding in a crisis," said Randy Spivey, CEO of CPPS.

CPPS uses the video to train colleges, universities and the FBI.

"The people that we train, we are not trying to turn them into Rambo. What we are saying is we don't want you to sit there and get shot," said Spivey.

The school shooting in Connecticut has raised the issue of school safety. Spivey said schools are generally very safe but more can be done.

"Even in our schools in Spokane right now for the most part their sole response option that they train their students and teachers on is lockdown," he said.

'Shots Fired' gives students and teachers options above and beyond lockdown.

"First of all you need to figure out what's going on, you need to recognize it. And then if you can you want to get away or get out of the situation," said Spivey.

The next response is to hide out but Spivey says there's still more you can do.

"The last resort, you are going to confront them or possibly take them out," said Spivey.

Spivey says a group of people working together is usually the best route.

"The incident in Tucson, Arizona with the congresswoman (Gabrielle Giffords). He had shot several people and when he went to reload they grabbed him, tackled him and then held him down on the ground," said Spivey.

This training applies in malls, movie theaters and middle schools.

"Our school systems in the United States need to take a new look at this issue of extreme violence as it comes into the schools," said Spivey.

CPPS is hosting a free public service seminar on January 11. If you want to learn more you can register for the seminar by calling 509-468-4128.