Local company making record-breaking sheet of paper

SPOKANE, Wash. - Employees at Green Cupboards, a Spokane company, are tying to make history by making recycled paper. 1,200 square feet of it to be exact, in an attempt to break a world record.

"We are building the world's largest piece of recycled paper." Said Tom Simpson, Green Cupboards' co-founder.

Starting at 4 a.m. employees started laying mixing paper pulp and laying out pallets, the groundwork to break the world record for the biggest handmade piece of recycled paper, which will be set down in a 100 foot by 12 foot set of pallets.

"We just need paper, water, bottles of aspirin and lots of patience," James Fenske Cupboards said.

Big piece of paper

Green Cupboards is a local eco-company selling everything good for the environment online.

"Everything we make today these pieces will be used for a variety of things; business cards or we can plant seeds in it, so it's fun, it's a cultural building and this kind of typifies what our company is all about," Simpson said.

The company got its start in a Gonzaga University classroom and has grown to serve to an international company.

And now, with paper pulp, "a mushy sort of cottage cheese looking mix" Fenske said, and 102 hands, Green Cupboards is looking to snatch the world record title away from Japan with 1,200 square feet of handmade recycled paper.

"Our company believes we can do any goal that we set to achieve and we have a wonderful team here of vivacious, talented, tenacious, passionate people and I knew that once they decided to pursue this that they would finish it," Simpson said.

The employees will work through the evening to make sure this big piece of paper dries and hopefully beats the world record.