Local brewery wins international beer award

A Spokane brewery is gaining international attention with its IPA and Crystal Bitter beers.

No-Li Brewhouse recently won a gold and silver medal in the International Beer Competition in Japan.

Mark Irvin, Head Brewer, said he was honored by the recognition and now hopes it will help put the Spokane craft brewery industry on the map.

Local brewery wins international beer award

"It's just awesome," said Irvin.

"It kinda validates a lot of years of working, trying to produce the best beer that we can here," he said.

Irving believes the award winning beer could help boost the industry and economy in our region.

"(I) know we are seeing a second resurgence of craft brewery in Spokane which is really, really great because the city, the people here, there's enough of everything to have a great brewing scene. And so I'm hopeful the next wave of brewing that's going on here is going to stick and is really going to thrive," he said.

"It can mean a lot of jobs for a lot of people here, it's very locally sourced. The money tends to stay here," he said.

No-Li will be taking its beers to Colorado next week to compete in the largest national beer festival and competition.

"I certainly take pride in it and I think Spokane should too,: he added.