Lifesaving smartphone app getting national attention

Lifesaving smartphone app getting national attention

SPOKANE, Wash. - The story of the Spokane auto mechanic who raced to save a baby's life thanks to a smartphone app is making headlines across the country.

Jeff Olson's lifesaving efforts were featured on Good Morning America and ABC affiliates nationwide Wednesday.

Baby Nolan's big sister Ryan was picking up some new ballet slippers at the Empire Dance Shop when the one month old baby went into cardiac arrest.

"I don't even remember getting lil out of the car but I do remember pushing the door open saying 'Call 911' because Nolan had stopped breathing," Nolan's grandmother Michelle Mulligan said.

While first responders were being dispatched, two blocks away at Perfection Tire Jeff Olson, a mechanic and volunteer Deer Park EMT, was working when his smartphone alerted him there was an incident nearby that required someone with CPR training. His smartphone alerted him thanks to an app he installed called PulsePoint.

"It sounded like an Amber Alert, you know how they come out and so I looked at it and it said CPR needed and it gave the address," Olson said.

The dance store was just two blocks away, so Olson jumped into his car and raced down the street to help.

"It was just amazing. He was just coming at me with his car but I knew he wasn't going to hit me. For some reason, I just knew he was there to help," Mulligan said.

Olson got out of his car, raced inside, and started CPR on Nolan.

Olson knew Nolan needed that lifesaving assist because he had downloaded the free PulsePoint app, like so many other Spokane residents who have downloaded it to be ready to help if needed.

Nolan's family is now hoping you'll take the time to get CPR training if you have not already done so and then download the app to help someone else out. The Spokane Fire Department is holding a "Save A Life" Saturday event on Sept. 20 where you can learn CPR for free at the Spokane Arena.

As for how Nolan is doing, he was born with adult-sized kidneys and those are jamming up all his other organs and probably why he went into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing. While he's in the hospital at Sacred Heart his family has also been learning CPR so they're prepared if this ever happens to Nolan again.