Lewis and Clark students speak against cyberbullying

SPOKANE, Wash. -

One Spokane high school is taking a stand against cyberbullying after a Facebook "confessions page" for the school was created. The page targeted both Lewis and Clark High School students and staff.

Students tell us there was name-calling on the site, rumors spread, and even pictures of others with hurtful captions. Two freshmen we talked with say they're upset about the page.

"They were saying personal things that should not be said there on the internet," Brennon Ellis said.

Lewis and Clark students speak against cyberbullying

"Why would you want to talk crap about someone? How would you like it if someone did that to you?" Freshman Israel Valdez added.

It's a lesson learned in grade school, sometimes ignored in high schools across the country. 

The Director of Employment and Conciliation Services for District 81, Angela Jones, says they hope to track down the students responsible, make sure the targeted students are okay, and end the bullying.

"We've got to have community partnerships, family partnerships, and kids to figure out what's the issue and how do we get you to a place where it's not cool to spread hate," Jones said. 

The principal of Lewis and Clark sent out a news letter to families stating that "the pages are an embarrassment to our school, a disruption to our learning environment, and are really just plain cruel." 

District 81 is asking parents to talk with your students about cyberbullying. If you see any negative comments on sites associated with schools, they ask you contact Facebook so they can take down the page, and contact school administrators.