LC students helping fight hunger at the Tiger Pantry

LC students helping fight hunger at the Tiger Pantry

SPOKANE, Wash. - This school year Lewis and Clark High School has opened up the school district's first student-run food pantry where students are helping other students in the fight against hunger.

The food pantry is filled with hundreds of cans and boxes of food and run by a trio of students -- Zoe Vietti, Madelanie Derby and Danielle Araneda -- who are working hard to give back to the student community.

"It's definitely inspiring to know that you are helping other students," Araneda said.

Araneda is leading the charge against hunger. She runs the school's food bank, the Tiger Pantry, and is there every day.

"Stack food and scratch labels, box things, unbox things," she said.

Araneda is assisted by freshmen Madelanie Derby and Zoe Vietti.

"It's really made me have more of an open mind of what it is like to go to school, usually I'm like school is just going to school and doing work and then coming home, but now I'm coming to school and helping people," Derby said.

Their work in the food pantry is making a difference, helping their fellow Tigers not go home to an empty fridge.

"All throughout high school you see the need, you realize that there is a problem but how do you really fix it? Well this is given us an opportunity to help it," Araneda explained.

Students can come down to the Tiger Pantry with a counselor or teacher and take whatever they need.

"It's completely anonymous, but I have had kids come up to me in the halls and just talk to me about what they have gotten at the food pantry," Derby said.

It's the first year of the food bank, but it won't be the last. Araneda might be leaving but Derby and Vietti still have three more years at Lewis and Clark.

"To see other students latching on to it and becoming part of it, is really special," Araneda said.

If you're worried about our nation's youth just look at these girls, all shining examples of what's good in the world. If you want to donate to this great cause, contact Lewis and Clark High School or come into the main office and drop off food.