Lawmaker tells survivalists to be prepared for economic collapse

SPOKANE, Wash. - Shea economic collapse

Spokane Valley Representative Matt Shea is making national headlines for making comments about an economic collapse during a survivalist rally last weekend in North Idaho.

Shea told a crowd of people over the weekend at a and self reliance rally at Farragut State Park they need to be prepared for a collapse and stock up on ammunition.

Shea said Thursday he doesn't believe the statements he made were bold; in fact he said they were just facts.

The Coeur d'Alene Press reports Shea told the crowd an economic collapse is on the horizon and people should stock up on thousands of rounds of ammo, practice shooting, learn self defense and stay in shape.

He also said people should be prepared so they can help their neighbors.

Shea said Thursday many people across the country share his concerns, his comments are nothing new, and the government cannot continue to spend more than it takes in.

"I think the degree of collapse remains to be seen. I think if we don't turn around and get off this road. I think the bottom line is that Matt Shea doesn't just say this, FEMA says this, to plan, prepare," he explained.