Late Christmas shoppers scramble across Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - Late Christmas shoppers scramble across Spokane

You might not blame the Stanards for shopping this close to Christmas. They were shopping for 30 people, many of them are great nieces and nephews.

"Something they can play with, like a little zoo," said Arla Stanard. "Oh here's a little zoo."

They wanted toys or board games to keep the kids away from the TV. Something meaningful, despite the time it was bought.

"The last week is when everybody really starts to shop," said White Elephant owner Pat Conley.

Sunday was one of the busiest shopping days of the year at the White Elephant. So far, sales are up in hunting gear, fishing equipment, and toys.

"In our toy department, Christmas is our harvest season," said Conley.

The store's usually closed on Sundays, but they open up for the weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Many stores in the Spokane area are extending their hours.

Target and Macy's are open until midnight Sunday and Monday.

Toys R US will be open from now until 9 p.m. Christmas Eve.

"They're booming in there, it's pretty cramped," said Jared Prevost after he came out of the toy store.

According to American Express, 86 percent of last-minute shoppers intend to complete some of their shopping at small local businesses like White Elephant.

The Stanards finished their shopping for 30 people later in the day. They're mostly finished, after a stop to get more wrapping paper.