Last-minute tips to make it to Bloomsday finish line

SPOKANE, Wash. - If you haven't been seriously training for Bloomsday don't worry, there are still a few things you can do to help those seven plus miles go by as quickly as possible.

The crowds are out, the sun is shining and everyone is eager to get those race numbers down at the Spokane Convention Center.

"I'm so happy. I love Bloomsday," said Colleen Billington.

Everyone wants to finish, some faster than others.

"Well, two hours and 15 minutes," said Billington.

Bloomsday tips

"Under two  hours," said Joni Sorenson.

And for Jim Pinch.

"Two hours," said Pinch.

Brent Christensen from Fleet Feet says the best way to get a low time is just do what you've been practicing.

"Anytime you have a race you don't want to change anything that you've been doing," said Christensen.

That means don't wear those new shoes you picked up today on Sunday. It takes a couple of runs to break them in but if you just can't help it get some good socks.

"The high thread count is also going to help with blistering," said Christensen.

Travel light, ounces turn to pounds when you are lifting your feet 90 times a minute.

"With every ounce lighter, if I remember correctly, it's about 55 lbs less per mile that you are lifting," said Christensen.

There is also a lot of on the go nutrition, usually used for longer races, they can come in handy on Bloomsday.

"If you're going to be out there over an hour, you probably want to, it'll make it easier on yourself if you have a gel," said Christensen.

But there might be a few extras you just can run without.

"I bring gum. I get water along the course and I bring chapstick," said Sorenson.

 It's supposed to be sunny this weekend so maybe some sunscreen might be in order. But whatever you do make sure you are enjoying yourself.