Last call for the Daiquiri Factory

Sheriff's deputies evict controversial downtown bar

Last call for the Daiquiri Factory

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane County Sheriff's Office has moved forward with the eviction of the Spokane Downtown Daiquiri Factory from its Wall Street location Monday morning.

During the eviction, deputies posted a sign on the front door, addressed to Jamie's LLC – Daiquiri Factory owner Jamie Pendleton – that the business was evicted from the building and "You no longer have the right to enter this dwelling or go onto this property. If you do, you will be charged with criminal trespass, first or second degree."

Deputies stood by as FPA Crescent changed all the locks on the doors.

"We make sure the premises is safe, that there's nobody in there, nothing like that and then we turn that over to the property owner," Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Gregory said.

Todd Reuter, the attorney for FPA Crescent, the company that owns the property, said Monday morning that Pendleton had asked by written note his items be placed in storage. Reuter added that his client has the option to pursue more than $50,000 in claims against Pendleton.

Pendleton, who has refused numerous requests for interviews, took to his personal Facebook account Monday afternoon to blame his eviction on a conspiracy and predicts his lease will be restored after a trial on July 3:

"Trial is set now for July 3rd. We will be back.. sadly we will miss Hoopfest weekend... Our landlord post 100,000 bond to lock us out as the conspiracy continues.. but when all the facts come out.. and we are restored possession of our location and lease we will see if local media will be too embarrassed to report on it.. 11:30 AM July 3rd See you in court! Stay tuned. It's not over yet..."

Pendleton went on to encourage other businesses in the building who have had problems with the building owner, FPA Crescent, could contact him, adding that "Now is the time to say so."

Among those businesses is Red Robin, Pita Pit and Madeleine's, which is separated from the Daiquiri Factory by a wood partition. Madeleine's co-owner Deb Green said she was sad that employees of the bar were losing their jobs as a result of the eviction, but said the bar itself was a nuisance. For Green it's been a long four months operating her business next to the Daiquiri Factory.

"For the first time in seven years we were at a place we actually had to lock the gates to our patio at night," she said.

Since the Daiquiri Factory first opened in February it's been surrounded with problems that started with criticism over it's drink named after date rape, followed by a lawsuit brought by Gonzaga University for trademark infringement and ended up with FPA Crescent claiming the bar wasn't paying their rent, leading to Monday morning's eviction.

Pendleton, who has refused all previous calls for comment on previous stories did not respond to calls for comment on this story.

FPA Crescent and Pendleton are scheduled to appear before Judge Linda Tompkins for a civil motion. While Pendleton's Facebook post was optimistic that he would get his business back in the space it's in right now, it would take a court order at this point for that to happen, and Todd Reuter said FPA Crescent will not do business with Pendleton again.