KXLY Fit Club: Week One Update

SPOKANE, Wash. - One week into the KXLY Fit Club journey with two KXLY viewers on board and the pounds are starting to drop off.

Last week, KXLY introduced you to Jamie Myers and Dennis Ridgley. Both have agreed to use the smart phone app My Fitness Pal to help them lose weight during the month of February to see if free smart phone apps can be effective.

Myers, a mother of seven and small business owner, started her Fit Club journey at 208 pounds. A week after fit club officially started on January 31st, Myers has lost nine pounds.

"So happy, I've been working so hard for that, so I was really surprised, I'm really happy," Myers said.

Ridgley was 320 pounds at the beginning of the year with early diabetes and high blood pressure. He wants to lose 120 pounds total. He started the Fit Club journey on January 31st at 293 pounds and as of February 6th his weight has dropped to 286.

Fit Club update

"It's great and I have more energy so I can work out even harder so the weight comes off even easier!" Ridgley said.

Myers' 10-year-old son is also losing weight, too. He's down six pounds and is starting to tack on muscle. His goal is to lose 50 to 60 pounds so that he can run the ball in football. Currently, his league has a weight restriction for that position.

All three reported that using My Fitness Pal has been a very effective tool in helping them lose weight, because it's tracking the calories in what they eat and making them think twice about ingredients in their meals.

The ultimate goal of the KXLY Fit Club is to find out if smart phone apps can be as effective in weight loss as paying money to hire a personal trainer or joining a costly weight loss club.

To follow along with Myers' and Ridgley's weight loss journey throughout the month of February, look up the "KXLY Fit Club" on Facebook.