Kids preparing for Junior Bloomsday race on Saturday

Kids preparing for Junior Bloomsday race on Saturday

SPOKANE, Wash. - Over 130 kids will participate in Saturday's Second Annual Junior Bloomsday.

Junior Bloomsday is one mile timed race for third and fourth graders.

"We have the Marmot March for the second grade and younger kids so this is a timed race for third and fourth graders to get them in the spirit of what Bloomsday is all about," said Lesli Cleveland, Bloomsday volunteer.

Cleveland said Junior Bloomsday is all about getting kids excited about running. The race does more than that. It also teaches kids the importance of giving back to kids their own age.

"We collect shoes for Soles4Youth, gently used running shoes for kids in need," said Cleveland.

The organization collects shoes for local children in grades one to six.

"Some kids were running in flip flops or shoes that were too small. And we talked about what we could do for them and the idea of Soles4Youth was born," said Cleveland.

In the one year the organization has been around, they have collected nearly 200 pairs of shoes.

"There is always a reason to act locally and this is a great group, a great way to donate for kids. These kids love to run, they're fantastic little runners and all they need is a better pair of shoes to run in," said Cleveland.

The cause is especially close to Cleveland's heart. She has two fantastic little runners herself. They both will be running in Junior Bloomsday and the big race on Sunday.