Kids open lemonade stand to help injured teacher

"I hope all this money we make will get her out of the hospital."

Kids open lemonade stand to help injured teacher

SPOKANE, Wash. - Students from Midway Elementary School in Mead are rallying around their beloved teacher after Marcy Wetzel and her husband Chris were struck by a falling tree at Diamond Lake during last week's violent storm.

From elementary school to college there's at least one teacher who can't be forgotten. For the second graders at Midway Elementary that teacher is Marcy Wetzel. So when her students found out she had been injured, they joined together to help raise money to pay for her medical bills by opening up a lemonade stand.

"She got hurt in the big storm and she's in hospital right now so my mom thought we would do a big lemonade stand," Kennedy Comstock said.

"Marcy is this little firecracker of a person who has an incredible spirit, incredible personality, is extremely funny and always makes her presence known in a fabulous way," Debbie Comstock said.

Marcy and her husband Chris were securing their boat at Diamond Lake when last weeks storm tore through the Inland Northwest. A tree fell on the couple; Chris broke his neck while Marcy suffered a severe concussion, a torn spleen, and a broken arm, heel, ribs and finger.

"Just being able to support both of them and their five kids right now is really important to us," Debbie said.

Chris is now home while his wife March remains in the hospital. Together the couple has a long road to recovery.

"Every day she is making more and more progress, She is a true fighter and there is a huge community supporting her and we know she is going to bounce back," Debbie said.

On Friday students past and present are repaying their teacher with the same love and support she has shown them over the years.

"She loves kids, she's probably had nearly 400 kids go through her classroom in her time at Midway and they all adore her," Debbie said.

As money and cards poured in from passersby friends, family and total strangers are all thinking the same thing.

"I hope all this money we make will get her out of the hospital," Kennedy said.