Keep cool without breaking the bank

Keep cool without breaking the bank

SPOKANE, Wash. - While the temperatures continue to flirt with the hundreds your monthly energy bill doesn't have to if you make a few changes to keep it under the century mark.

"These are certainly the times of year when you want to be thoughtful and intentional about how you use your energy and what you do with it," Avista spokesperson Laurine Jue said.

Jue said running the air conditioner is usually what drives up the cost but it doesn't have to. When you set your thermostat, every degree over 70 you're going to save roughly three-percent on your bill.

"So if you can stand it at 74 degrees at your house or even 78, that's going to keep your energy bill down," she explained.

Of course there are other ways to keep your place cool like closing the blinds, moving furniture away from the windows and turning off lights. Also avoid heat related activities until after 7 p.m. like doing laundry, using the stove and taking hot showers.

"If you do have to use those during the day when it's hot, use a fan or a box fan just to kind of move the air," Kim Kreber with SNAP said.

Kreber added fans can bring the room temperature down by almost four degrees. Also be sure the fan is rotating clockwise so it creates a windchill effect as opposed to when it goes counterclockwise.

"It's lifting the cool air up so that its dispersing the air instead of cooling it," she said.

If your a senior and don't have a fan Meals on Wheels wants to help. They're distributing free fans so everyone can have a cool summer. Meals on Wheels is also looking for 50 more fans to distribute to seniors so if you can help out just drop off a fan to their location at 1222 West Second Ave. during business hours.