Juvenile gets 23 weeks for sucker punch assault

SPOKANE, Wash. - Juvenile assault sentence

A teen caught on camera sucker punching a man and then celebrating over the unconscious victim was sentenced to 23 weeks in juvenile detention Monday.

Patrick Cloud, 17, sucker punched the victim outside the Satellite Diner earlier this year in an incident caught on camera by a KXLY photographer.

In court Monday, Cloud pleaded guilty to third degree assault and a minor in possession charge. While in the video he stood over the assault victim and cheered his demise, in court before Judge Ellen Clark he appeared quiet and respectful.

After brief statements from Cloud, his attorney and the attorneys of the man he punched, Judge Clark let Cloud know that she wants him to seek the help the juvenile system can give him and she said she hopes he doesn't end up back in the court system.

"I hope that you take the help that they can give you," Clark said. "We're not just locking you up to lock you up, we're trying to get your some help, so you can come out as an adult and a better person and don't end up in trouble again."

Cloud's 23 week sentence takes him all the way up to his 18th birthday, which is why Clark told him to seek help while serving his time. If he ends up under arrest again he'll be an adult, meaning he won't be back in the gentler juvenile justice system but facing adult consequences and jail or prison time instead.