Judge upholds Starbuck no contact order with children

SPOKANE, Wash. - Starbucks kids no contact hearing

Judge Greg Sypolt has upheld his ruling that convicted murderer Clay Starbuck have no contact with his minor children.

Starbuck, who appeared in court for the hearing Friday afternoon, had petitioned to have contact with his children at his sentencing for the killing of his ex-wife Chanin Starbuck.

Defense attorneys claimed the no contact order did not adequately address the needs of Starbuck's children, who have repeatedly express their desire to have contact with their father and were present in court for the hearing.

Prosecutors countered that Starbuck violated his trust as a parent and should not be allowed to have contact with his children.

After hearing arguments from both sides, Judge Sypolt said that Starbuck used his children as pawns in his alibi, worried about future behavior and upheld his no-contact order between Starbuck and his minor children.

Starbuck is serving a life sentence without possibility of parole for the Dec. 2011 killing of his ex-wife Chanin.