Jail deputies foil career criminal's high-rise escape plan

SPOKANE, Wash. - Jail escape foiled

He was planning a daring escape from the Spokane County Jail, but now career criminal Frank Uhyrek will only get more time behind bars for his last-ditch attempt to avoid a life-long sentence behind bars.

Right now Uhyrek has two choices, die of old age in prison or die trying to escape and that's apparently what Uhyrek wanted to do by fashioning a 100-yard long rope out of bed sheets with which he hoped to lower himself from the rooftop or the exercise room of the Spokane County Jail.

Uhyrek appeared in court Tuesday with five different officers guarding him. He is now considered an escape risk after corrections deputies found the rope hidden in his mattress. The career criminal apparently hatched his breakout plan after Spokane County Deputy Prosecutor Tony Hazel sent notice he was seeking an exceptional 75-year sentence.

"Nine felony convictions, over forty arrests in his adult life, so he has been a very active offender and someone we do need to target with our resources," Spokane Police Lieutenant Mark Griffiths said.

In his last Spokane crime Uhyrek held a knife on four different Safeway employees during this robbery at the Northwest Boulevard store back in November of 2011. Spokane police officers quickly arrested him after finding his getaway car and now they join prosecutors in the hopes of getting him what would be a life sentence behind bars.

"He is a person that needs to be incarcerated because when he's out he's shown a pattern of doing crime within days of being released from prison," Griffiths said.

Now Hazel plans to use the foiled escape attempt as yet another reason why Uhyrek needs to be in a very secure prison for the rest if his life.

Uhyrek's sentencing is now set for the middle of October and until that happens, corrections deputies will be watching him very carefully.