Is Kris Crocker a killer? Find out Friday at The Mousetrap!

Is Kris Crocker a killer? Find out Friday at The Mousetrap!

SPOKANE, Wash. - Rumors have been swirling that our KXLY4 Chief Meteorologist Kris Crocker is a cold blooded killer, but thankfully I, Mark Peterson, am on the case.

Sure Kris Crocker is sweet, and she puts together a mean forecast, but could KXLY 4's mild mannered meteorologist actually be a murderer? The answer is just across the street from the KXLY studios at the Spokane Civic Theatre.

You see, Kris has been disappearing every night for hours and it turns out she's been cast in "The Mousetrap," an Agatha Christie murder mystery that first premiered on the west side of London in 1952 and has been running nearly continuously ever since.

"I'm trying to re-create the feeling of the original production in 1952," director Wes Deitrick said.

One way he's doing that?  Real snow on stage.

"One of the things they did on the original production ... they had a snow room, and they would have snow on them and they would walk on stage and it would melt so I bought a snow cone machine so I could have snow on them," Deitrick explained.

A snow cone machine is interesting but, down to business, who is the killer?

"Kris Crocker is a potential murderess," Deitrick said, laughing.

That's part of the rules of Agatha Christie. Don't give away who the murderer is … or murderess. In the play, Kris plays Mollie of Monkswell Manor.

"Are you the killer," I asked.

"I can't tell you," Kris responded.

Mark: "Sure you can."

Kris: "Not saying."

Mark: "Come on. Did you do it?"

Kris: "Maybe ... Maybe not."

Mark: "Tell me with your English accent."

Kris: "Still no."

I had finally given up until I noticed Kris has left her script behind, an opportunity to find out if she really is the kill…..

Editor's Note: Mark Peterson was suddenly made unavailable to finish this report. But if you want to find out who the murderer is you can come find out at the Civic Theater. "The Mousetrap" starts February 28 and runs through March 16.