Iraqi students tour WSU's medical campus

Iraqi students tour WSU's medical campus

SPOKANE, Wash. - WSU gave a group of Iraqi students a chance of a lifetime Tuesday to get a hands-on look at medical school and everything WSU has to offer.

These students were hand-picked from more than 17,000 applicants for the “Young Leaders Exchange Program.” They were all chosen for their desire to work as leaders in the medical industry.

And WSU is showing off its top of the line equipment to show these students the opportunities available in America.

“It's just an amazing feeling to be able to see the ooh's and aah's and 'oh I really want to take care of that patient.' So it's very exciting,” said Kevin Stevens, WSU College of Nursing.

In the simulation lab, the students experienced what it's like to work with patient dummies.

The dummies can cry, sweat, and bleed. This is technology American students shouldn't take for granted.

“The students should know the opportunities they have here,” said Bahra, a biomedical student from North Iraq.

“Because the campus, the libraries, the laboratories, the resource they have. If they look at other countries they don't have them.”

Bahra says she's here to improve the healthcare system in her county. A system she says doesn't favor those without the money for proper care.

WSU says this program benefits more than just these students.

“What they would bring to the program just because they're coming from a different culture, a different part of the world, and anytime you can bring that diversity together, you have just amazing things happen.

WSU hopes these international students will help their program continue to grow and learn.