Inslee confident of victory

SPOKANE, Wash. - Even though Jay Inslee has yet to celebrate, he's already telling supporters in the gubernatorial race they've elected a forward looking governor.

"We are very excited about the opportunity to move forward the next four years in the State of Washington," Inslee said during a news conference Wednesday.

Also at the news conference Inslee announced he's already putting together a transition team.


Inslee McKenna Wednesday

opportunities and we want to hit the ground running. I'm very excited to get that ball rolling," he said.

Inlsee says he's ready to work on creating jobs, education and health care reform.

But with half a million votes still left to be counted state wide Rob McKenna isn't conceding the race.

On Election Night, before a crowd of supporters, McKenna thanked the college, high school and middle school students who made 1.5 million phone calls for his campaign.

"When we see younger people involved in this campaign process when we see you coming to the phone bank waving signs, going door-to-door, it makes all of us feel better, not just about this election but the future of our country, so thank you and thank your parents," McKenna said.

It could take days before we know the final results of the election, time that Inslee said he won't waste. If Inslee maintains his lead he will continue a three decade winning streak for Democrats.

"We're confident because we know where the votes are, we know where they have been cast, we've seen the trends, familiar with the trends in King County, which are pivotal," Inslee said.