Inmates helping clean up downtown Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - If you were driving through downtown Spokane Thursday you may have noticed Geiger Corrections Center inmates cleaning up at the I-90 exits.

The inmates are being used to prep for the big "Cleaning From The Core" event on April 27, which is sponsored in part by KXLY.

Men and women from Geiger were at the Lincoln and I-90 exit painting, cleaning and power washing the city's freeway exits.

Inmates cleaning up downtown vo

They'll continue to do this through the month of April leading up to "Cleaning From the Core" on April 27.

"They're going to be doing everything from trash pickup to painting over graffiti, covering all of our underpasses and the railway underpasses as well," Director of Neighborhood Services Jonathan Mallahan said.

On April 27, the City of Spokane wants at least 200 community volunteers to help spruce up the downtown core and specifically Riverfront Park. That way, when the community sees an influx of tourists for big events like Hoopfest we can show off a sparkling city.