Informant: James Henrikson ordered Doug Carlile hit

Informant: James Henrikson ordered Doug Carlile hit

SPOKANE, Wash. - A confidential informant has implicated Doug Carlile's business partner James Henrikson in the conspiracy to kill the South Hill resident on December 15.

Carlile was shot to death inside his home on December 15 and that same night his son claimed to police Henrikson bankrolled the killing. Now, for the first time, a confidential informant has confirmed Henrikson's role in Carlile's killing.

This new information came from the informant, a Spokane resident who says he recruited Tim Suckow to kill Carlile for $20,000. His statements were recorded by police and he will appear as the state's star witness when Suckow's murder trial gets underway later this year.

It was no drug deal gone bad or gang-banger gunfight. In an upscale South Hill neighborhood, businessman Doug Carlile was ambushed as he arrived at his home. Alert neighbors caught glimpses of the killer's getaway van, and detectives found DNA evidence that allegedly links Suckow to the crime scene.

Both Carlile's friends and family told police he was murdered because of bad business blood between him and James Henrikson, his business partner in a North Dakota oil company.

Now the informant, who worked for Henrikson, has told police Henrikson specifically targeted Carlile for the hit. According to the informant Henrikson and Suckow exchanged e-mails about the murder that would pay Suckow $20,000, that Henrikson sent Suckow pictures of both Carlile and his home and that Henrikson wanted Carlile dead and "not just sucking through a straw."

When Henrickson complained to Suckow the hit was taking too long, Suckow allegedly replied he still had Carlile's residence, which he had nicknamed "the treasure chest," under surveillance.

The informant said just three hours after Carlile was killed he was awakened by a text from Suckow that said "Tell the boss to watch the news."

Detectives are now executing a warrant to search a computer found in the backseat of Suckow's Dodge Durango for evidence of these e-mails.

Henrikson has still not been charged in this case, but is in custody in North Dakota on an unrelated weapons charge.