Indian Trail homeowner arrested for trespassing

Marcy Pratt released on her own reconizance after court hearing Monday

SPOKANE, Wash. - The problems continue for an Indian Trail neighborhood trying to take down a suspected drug house, after the home's owner was arrested for trespassing over the weekend.

Marcy Pratt, the owner of the home, was ordered by a judge to vacate the property on Friday, but she returned on Saturday and was promptly arrested. 

She appeared in court Monday on trespassing charges, shackled and dishevelled after two nights in the Spokane County Jail. Pratt pleaded not guilty to the first degree trespassing charge.

Marcy Pratt trespassing vo

On Friday Pratt, 67, was ordered by Superior Court Judge Kathleen O'Connor to vacate her home.

"I feel like I've been persecuted by the neighbors, I've been robbed by people, I certainly did learn my lesson," she said Friday.

A police officer waited for her Friday night so she could gather personal belongings, but she never showed up. Then on Saturday night neighbors reported Pratt was inside her home with two other men.

After a year of suspected drug activity, neighbors aren't shy about calling the police.

"We're not going to let it lie, too big of a danger," Brent Herberg said.

Because Pratt violated the judge's orders, she was arrested Saturday night for trespassing. In court Monday, a judge released her on her own recognizance.

Pratt will be back in court on March 18, when Judge O'Connor will consider boarding up her home for a year, based on the mounting evidence against her from neighbors.