"I feel like he used me as practice." Disturbing past of murder suspect Gary Stoddard

SPOKANE, Wash. - One Spokane woman is speaking out about her violent past with one of the suspects from the deadly shooting at an apartment complex near Spokane Falls Community College.

Gary L. Stoddard, 45, was arrested for first-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping.

The woman, who doesn't want to be identified, says she's not surprised by the murder allegations against her ex-boyfriend, Gary Stoddard.

"I feel like he used me as practice." Disturbing past of murder suspect Gary Stoddard

"He was pretty abusive in the very beginning but then it got extremely bad. He raped me on a daily basis," the woman said.

After four years of what she calls torture, the woman says she finally had the courage to leave Stoddard. 16 years later, the woman still has very vivid memories of the abuse.

"He drove me up in the middle of nowhere once and handed me a frozen thing of hot dogs and said he wanted me to do sexual acts with the hot dogs," she said.

"One time he tied duct tape around my wrists and face and put me in the trunk of the car, naked and drove me around Spokane for I don't know how long, this was like almost a daily thing," she added.

The woman went through years of counseling and says she won't ever fully heal.

"I still have nightmares about him," she said.

News of the murder near SFCC, allegedly at the hands of her ex, Gard Stoddard, wasn't shocking at all. 

"I feel guilty, I am very sad, very shaken up. I feel like he used me as practice, because I knew this would eventually happen," the woman said.

When she learned that handcuffs were apparently used in the murder, Stoddard's ex wasn't surprised.

"That's what he did, he used to handcuff me to our fence outside naked and have me sit outside," he said.

In 1997, the woman says Stoddard stabbed her in the head and held her hostage, but she says she was always scared to fully come clean about the abuse.

"After he stabbed me, I changed my story and said I hit my head on the car door. I was just afraid, afraid for my life. I had a chance to put him away years ago when I had a chance to prosecute him," she said.