Hydration key to beating the heat

Hydration key to beating the heat

SPOKANE, Wash. - As the sun beat down on the Inland Northwest Wednesday, the mercury kept creeping up by the minute. The warm temperatures didn't stop area roofers from getting their job done.

"It's pretty hot up here," roofer Pedro Ortega said.

He spent Wednesday working next to 500 degree roofing tar.

"You get used to it," Ortega said. "You have to start early in the morning. If you start like right now, you don't want to do it."

He, along with several others, has been working long hours in the heat to put a new roof on Windsor Elementary School. The group tries to start work as early in the morning as they can and he says hydration is key.

"We have 15 gallons up there, plus we have bottles we have on ice." Ortega said.

"You have to have enough water or Powerade or whatever you need," roofer Tony Caprile said. "You need to make sure you keep sucking it down."

Every two hours the group takes a ten minute break to re-hydrate, then it's back to work.

"Provided I have a nice brim on may hat, you almost don't notice the heat," Caprile said.

"Not everybody likes it," Ortega said, "somebody has to do it."

A cool down over the next several days should lend some relief for those working outside.