Huppin's turning lights off at downtown store

SPOKANE, Wash. - Huppin's has been a Spokane destination for 104 years, but by the end of the month it'll no longer call Downtown Spokane home.

"Our business has evolved so many times over the years, my great-grandfather was a tailor, we sold try goods, musical instruments, and really started selling cameras and electronics in the early 1950's," Murray Huppin said.

Just like his great-grandfather, his grandfather and his father did, Murray Huppin is evolving.

"We've been within a block of this location for 104 years and for 102 years we had one store," Huppin said.

Huppin's closing downtown

In November of 2010, the Huppin family branched out from their downtown location and opened a Huppin's electronics store in North Spokane. That's when things started to change.

"So much of the business has migrated to the store, it's big, bring, beautiful, lots of parking," Huppin said.

Parking is the operative work because for a long time parking has been an issue for businesses in downtown Spokane trying to draw in customers. So, with the success of their north location, Huppin says it's time to close up shop downtown.

"We've looked at where our customers are coming from, where they wanted to shop and they really helped us make the decision," Huppin said.

He says more customers are shopping online, too. They have two websites OneCall.com and Huppins.com.

"We're totally re-vamping the Huppins.com website to create a better local shopping experience," Huppin said.

You can always depend on change, but Huppin says there's one thing that will never.

"We're very committed to Spokane, this is where I'm from and where we're committed to stay so we're still very excited about Spokane," Huppin said.

To show that, Huppin's is selling everything at the downtown store on March 22nd.

"It's a three million dollar moving sale!" Huppin said.

Steep discounts for a community that has supported them for 104 years.

The Huppin family owns the building along Main Street, but the don't know yet what will replace the electronics store.

Huppin said they are going to try and retain as many employees of the downtown store as possible by extending the hours of the North Spokane location.