Hundreds attend Spokane Gun Show

SPOKANE, Wash. - As the debate over gun control heats up across the country, guns shows are suddenly in the spotlight.
The tragic school shooting in Newtown, CT has sparked intense debate on how to prevent another senseless act of violence.
Some lawmakers are pushing to ban assault weapons, while others, including President Obama vow to support an effort to close background check loopholes at gun shows.

Hundreds attend Spokane Gun Show

At the Gun Show and Flea Market at the Spokane County Fairgrounds, hundreds of people waited in line to get inside to buy and sell guns and ammunition.
"It's way bigger than I expected," Bob Smith said.
"I've never seen a gun show with the parking lot this full, lines this big and the crowd that large," he added.
Smith is a Spokane firefighter and a firearms trainer.
"I think what you see are people here voting with their wallets," Smith said.
Paul Snider is the organizer of the gun show.  He said he saw a lot of new faces at the show on Saturday.

"These are people that are obviously concerned with what's going to happen," Snider said.
Snider said about 30-percent of the guns sold to people at his show are required to undergo a background check.  Under current laws, unlicenced private sellers do not have to complete a background check.
"Everyone is attacking the gun issue, and I don't think that is our problem at all. . . We're getting a lot of blame that we don't have coming," Snider added.
"The problem with gun control is- it's a semantics issue.  It means different things to different people, that's the problem," Smith added.
"I'm an advocate, having trained over 10,000 people over 30 years of people being able to protect themselves.  It comes back to individual responsibility and accountability," Smith added.