Hot temps have SCRAPS cracking down on animal endangerment

Hot temps have SCRAPS cracking down on animal endangerment

SPOKANE, Wash. - With temperatures hitting the century mark it could make for dangerous conditions for people and pets, so SCRAPS is working to crack down on animal endangerment.

Finding animals in cars still remains their top priority but SCRAPS is also targeting animals that are outside playing fetch and running and letting their owners know of the consequences that come with it.

In the SCRAPS building animal control officers were busy Tuesday discussing their plan for the 10-day outlook. With temperatures staying in the 90s this is going to be a busy time for them. On Monday officers responded to 12 calls for service for either pets in cars or just to check on conditions.

They'll be actively looking for animals in the heat and informing owners that it could have deadly consequences. Just two weeks ago a dog chained to a fence died from what was believed to be heat stroke. They're making sure that doesn't happen again and working to prevent it.

"When the body temperature gets over 104 we're going to start worrying about some brain damage so we do want to start cooling the dogs down. As we mentioned the water to the chest, ears, feet, neck. Get that dog inside the cab of your vehicle. Turn on the air conditioning. Lets try to keep it cool and then get it to a vet immediately," animal control officer Nicole Montano said.

If a pet looks like they are showing signs of heat stoke animal control officers will remove the animal to get it to safety.

If you see an animal in distress please do not hesitate to contact SCRAPS as it could be what saves their life.