Hot temperatures increase risk for vehicle fires

Hot temperatures increase risk for vehicle fires

SPOKANE, Wash. - Hot weather is to blame for an increase in car fires during the summer months.

Washington State Patrol says they get much busier when temperatures hit the 90's.

So how do you keep you and your car safe?

Most car fires are caused by a lack of maintenance or improper maintenance. If your car has a problem the hot weather just irritates that issue even more. Having your car regularly checked during the summer months can make a big difference.

A simple transmission leak or oil leak is often the cause of a car catching fire. Another reason is overheating, which often happens when you are running your air conditioning.

If you notice your car is overheating do not try to wait for the next exit, pull over immediately.

"Just turn the car off. Turn the car off and call a tow truck. Better to just let it sit and cool," said Tony Lott, Assistant Manager at Mechanic's Pride. "Do not take off the radiator cap or mess with anything under the hood because it will be hot and coolant will burn you very badly if it's hot."

There are also certain cars that are more prone to catching fire. Cars with a valve cover gasket and cars with four wheel drive that have a c-v style axle.

Washington State Patrol recommends you keep a fire extinguisher in your vehicle just in case. Especially during these hot summer months.