Homeowner stabbed during home invasion robbery

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police are investigating a stabbing that happened at a residence near the intersection of Maple Street and Jackson Avenue Monday morning.

According to officials, the robber was inside a home while the homeowner was downstairs in the basement. When he was confronted by the homeowner the suspect was rifling through the victim's refrigerator.

The robber then allegedly stabbed the homeowner and fled the residence.

"The person that was inside the house got a hold of a kitchen knife and stabbed the homeowner," Spokane Police Captain Keith Cummings said.

Police aren't sure what the intruder was doing in the kitchen, but neighbors like Len Pupo believe it could have been a transient.

"We've had police a lot here a lot. We've had three break ins in the last month," Len Pupo said.

Pupo lives down the street and said he often sees transients in the neighborhood.

"They had squatters in a house back over there they found sleeping bags and other stuff in that house over there that's empty," he said.

Officers are canvassing the neighborhood in their search for the robber, who is described as being a white male, six feet tall, with a sandy blonde goatee, blue jeans and an Atlanta Braves baseball cap.

The homeowner's injuries are serious but he is expected to survive.