Home Depot helps give WWII vet his mobility back

SPOKANE, Wash. - Home Depot helps WWII vet

WWII and Korean War veteran Russ Henderson has been trapped in his home after an injury put him in a wheelchair, so a handful of good hearted people came together to get him out of his home by building him a wheelchair ramp.

Henderson, who is 89, had pretty much recovered from a stroke he had in 2009, but this July, he suffered a fall that drastically limited his mobility. Stairs were completely out of the question. But now, thanks to the work of a caring friend and Home Depot, Henderson will be able to leave his home once again.

Henderson's friend, Bill Rabe, felt compelled to help him get the wheelchair ramp he desperately needed.

"He's been homebound, can't get out to the doctor, can't get out to do any socializing and he is a very sociable individual," Rabe said.

Rabe approached the Home Depot on East Sprague Avenue and they offered to donate all the materials and labor.

For the last ten weeks Henderson has put off doctor appointments, dentist appointments and his cherished visits to IHOP, something he considers just as important.

"It's a social life; if you don't have that you are entrapped, encased, this chair is like it has two arms and just holds you into it," Henderson said.

Bill Rabe said he wanted to get the Home Depot some attention for this outstanding work in helping out a deserving veteran. He added with last week's tragic death of Delbert Belton, it's important to remind people of the good that Spokane has to offer.

"When this thing came about and I got a firm date of today I thought what a wonderful, warm story to show what Spokane is about, the people of Spokane, this is the people of Spokane, this is what Spokane is all about," Rabe said.