Holiday shoppers looking for the best deals

SPOKANE, Wash. -

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, but that doesn't mean holiday shoppers have missed the best deals of the season. 

Major retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy are stretching "Cyber Monday" deals through a "Cyber week." 


In the past, companies noticed a spike in sales on the second Monday in December, when consumers realize they're getting tight on shipping time. 

In 2007, E-bay gave that day the name "Green Monday," and this year it falls on Monday, December 10th, along with special deals from many retailers.

Holiday shoppers looking for the best deals


Monday, December 17th, brings the fifth annual "free shipping day," when hundreds of retailers will offer free shipping and other special offers to online shoppers, with delivery to the lower 48 states guaranteed by Christmas Eve.


We met some shoppers downtown planning to take part in those deals.


"I'm usually a late Christmas shopper. I'll wait until the 22nd or the 23rd," Scott Irvine said.


"I kind of just watch the prices and if I find a good deal, I just go for it," Andrew Delgado added.


By December 22nd, it's usually too late for online purchases. So, the last Saturday before Christmas has come to be known as "Super Saturday," when retailers make one last effort to get merchandise off the shelves, usually at deep discounts.