Health District working to help you keep insects, rodents at bay

Health District working to help you keep insects, rodents at bay

SPOKANE, Wash. - Flowers are blooming, spring is in full swing, and that means the insects are coming out, but there are a few things you can do to keep those unwanted summer guests away from your home.

The Spokane Regional Health District has launched a campaign called "Bring It, Summer Pests!" and its goal is to give people tips on what they can do to keep insects and rodents away from their home.

Next week's forecast calls for sunny and 70s but with warmer weather comes unwanted insects. Steve Main with the health district has some ideas on how to keep them away.

First up? Mosquitoes.

"Any standing water you find in your property is perfect habitat for mosquito breeding, something as small as a child's toy or a gutter or even a tarp like this has enough standing water to breed mosquitoes," he said.

Main said you should drain anything outside your home that holds water, about twice a week.

As for rodents, he has some advice on how you can get rid of them.

"Barbecues like this if they aren't properly cleaned like this can attract rodents so after you have used the barbecue you want to make sure it's cleaned properly so it doesn't attract rodents like mice," he explained.

If you have pets, make sure their food is not kept outside overnight as it will also attract mice.

With ticks Main said there are ways to steer clear of those little blood suckers.

"As you do your spring cleaning for the summer months, you want to make sure you trim up your bushes, your trees and cut your grass," he said.

For more tips check out the health district's website by clicking here.