Have a slice of Pizza-4-Cat Wednesday night

SPOKANE, Wash. - We've told you a lot about Cat Davis in the past two weeks as the community is rallying around her, trying to raise money for a life-saving procedure. Wednesday, you can help her by ordering a Papa Murphy's pizza.

Davis is fighting Scleroderma, a terminal illness. She needs a stem-cell transplant to keep her alive, but her insurance denied coverage twice. Then last week, a medical review board overturned the denial, meaning Cat's insurance will cover the procedure after all. 

The $80,000 Spokane has raised will pay for what insurance doesn't cover and her deductibles. Insurance will only pay for the transplant itself, not the other costs relating to her three-month stay in Chicago or her medications.

Pizza 4 Cat Papa Murphy's

Wednesday night's your chance to eat some pizza and help save a life. The Pizza-4-Cat fundraiser continues until 9 p.m. tonight at a Papa Murphy's near you. 18 of the stores in the Spokane area and North Idaho are participating.

For every family size pizza purchased Wednesday, $3 will be donated to Cat Davis. It's a special fundraiser for both Cat and the employees.

"People really care about one person, and it's this person from Spokane, if we can get together and save her life there's nothing better than that," store manager Chanelle Santiago said.

The store at 2522 E 29th Ave sells about 250 pizzas on an average Wednesday. Today, they're hoping to sell 1,000 pizzas. If each of the stores participating accomplished that goal, it would raise $50,000.