Hangman creek expected to flood following state of emergency

Hangman creek expected to flood...

SPOKANE, Wash. - Hangman creek was expected to flood Thursday evening. The flood stage was at 11 feet, but the water was predicted to rise more than a foot higher than that.

A state of emergency was issued that forced several roads in our area to close.

Randall road was closed at the Madison intersection. Harvard road was closed between Elder and Stringham. Stoughton road was closed between Larkin to Darknell. Chapman road was blocked to Highway 27. And Roberts road was closed from the Waverly cut-off road to Kelso road.

Most of these road closures are in the Valley and South Spokane County. The Public Works Department says that roads are closed due to water collection off the shoulders of the road. The department also advises you to be cautious if you come across any roads covered in water.

“If you see water over a roadway, stop and don't go over that,” said Mitch Reister, Public Works Director. “You really don't know what the condition of the roadway is under that. If you have erosion on one side of the road, it could actually cut a trough, and you might now see that.”

The Public Works Department says because there is so much water on the road they really can't do much repair work right now. The good news is that no bridges appear to be affected by these rising waters. 

The other good news is that the Public Works Department says that the small amount of rain expected overnight won't do much to add to the troubles.