Gun sales skyrocket in wake of Newtown shootings

SPOKANE, Wash. - Since the shootings in Newton, Conn., gun sales across the country have been through the roof, including here in Spokane.

Over at Precision Combat Arms in Spokane, more people are coming into the store, wanting to arm themselves for protection. Sales have been strong all year long but this last week has been off the chart.

"We are out of guns, out of ammo," Grant Brashears at Precision Combat Arms said.

Gun sales skyrocket

Gun shops across the country -- like Precision -- are being wiped clean of their inventory.

"Our distributors are completely out of product, we can't bring anymore in right now," Brashears explained.

Since the Connecticut shooting it's been a buyer's market at Precision. In the last week sales have been up as much as 300-percent, Brashears said.

"Almost by the minute we get phone calls asking for magazines or AR-15 style rifles," he said.

A spike in gun sales is common after a mass shooting, with many people who support gun rights becoming worried about tighter gun control laws in the wake of the shooting.

President Obama, and many people across the country, are calling for change. On Wednesday the president announced that he's forming a new task force to curb what he calls an epidemic of gun violence.

"This is a team that has a very specific task to pull together real reforms right now," Obama said.

It's no doubt the country's gun control debate is picking up steam, but Brashears said you'd be surprised by who's knocking on their door now wanting a firearm.

"I had a pro-gun control lady in here waiting to buy a AR-15 rifle for her husband. That's how much it has been peaking people's interest. Even people on the other side of the fence are wondering," he said.

A recent ABC News / Washington Post poll found 54-percent of Americans favor stricter gun control laws and more than half say the Newtown tragedy reflects broader problems in our society, not just one troubled person.