Grinch no match for Salvation Army

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Grinch is no match for the big hearts of Spokane; when someone stole a three-year-old's Christmas gifts out of her parents' car within hours help was on the way courtesy of the Salvation Army.

Whoever this thief was walked away with a Springdale family's Christmas, but the Salvation Army leaves no family behind and has a special Santa's Workshop -- located in the basement of the Spokane Salvation Army -- to deal with Christmas emergencies.

"This is our Santa's Workshop and we're filling all of the Christmas bags for the families in need," Sheila Geraghty with the Salvation Army said.

Grinch no more

Though not small, the Salvation Army's elves are just as mighty as they sort and wrap mountains of donated gifts.

"I love to help people, so I really enjoy that, and so for me it's just knowing that somebody else is getting something and being able to help them get what they are wanting," volunteer Teresa Bergquist said.

And just like Santa - every nice boy and girl gets their wish.

"I'm not turning any families away right now if somebody calls in need then I'm filling bags for kids," Geraghty said.

Recently a mother called Sheila Geraghty "in tears, because the bag she had picked up from Toys for Tots this week got stolen out of her car and it just broke my heart."

So Geraghty hollered down to her elves and within hours, brought Christmas back to the Springdale family.

From the quiet darkness of a basement, one family at a time, the Salvation Army -- or Santa for some -- continues to save Christmas.

"Even today, somebody hugged me and you know that just made it even," Geraghty said, before choking up and starting to cry.

Next up for the Salvation Army is a Christmas Eve dinner on Monday that everyone is welcome to attend.