Gregory Jeffereys inadvertently released from jail

SPOKANE, Wash. - 53-year-old Gregory D. Jeffereys was inadvertently released from the Spokane County Jail Friday night.

Jeffereys was in the Spokane County Jail on a U.S. Marshall hold stemming from multiple charges of bank and wire Fraud.

Jeffereys was released sometime between 7:49 and 8:31 p.m. Once the mistake was realized, local law enforcement as well as U.S. Marshalls and the FBI were notified. 

"We get large amounts of paperwork on Fridays, the staff are trained to deal with that amount of paperwork, I'm sure some of it got placed in the wrong jacket, who knows at this point it's all speculation," Lt. Mike Sparber said.

A U.S. Marshall field agent contacted a local FBI agent and advised him of the mistake.

The FBI agent contacted Jeffereys' attorney early Saturday morning.

Jeffereys turned himself back in to the Spokane County Jail at approximately 6:16 a.m.

An internal investigation is underway to determine what caused this error.

"It's always serious to have an offender released. We do our very best. We have the most conscientious of staff that work towards not this kind of thing to happen," Lt. Sparber added.