Grandma catches baby after fall from second-story window

Police officer responding to scene called it "divine intervention"

SPOKANE, Wash. - A toddler who fell out of a second-story window was miraculously caught by his grandmother who was standing on the front porch below.

A Spokane police officer responding to the scene called it "divine intervention."

Emergency crews were called to a home in the 2400 block of N. Lincoln Street after the child and his mother fell from a second-story window.

Police said the child was jumping on a bed near the window and the mother looked over when she heard shattered glass and screaming.

Baby falls out window

Tabatha Prichard, the mother of Jessie, made a dive for him, but was only able to grab him by the heel.

"I just dove. I didn't even think. I just figured if he was going out the window so was mom," Prichard said.

Jessie slid off the awning but, amazingly, Jessie's grandmother was standing on the front porch below and was able to catch and save him.

Jessie and his mother were both taken to the hospital with only minor injuries and were back home within a few hours.

The family was supposed to move to an upper level apartment but now they've decided to find an apartment on the ground level.