Gonzaga students line up before dawn for WCC tourney tickets

SPOKANE, Wash. - Hundreds of Gonzaga University students showed up before dawn Wednesday to get tickets to the WCC tournament in Las Vegas.

The Zags have been to the NCAA tourney the last 14 seasons, including a trip to the Elite Eight in 1999, and with their meteoric rise in the rankings this might be their season to make it to the Final Four.

Zag fever is palpable on campus, with the basketball team's #2 ranking spurring on students to line up as early as 3:30 Wednesday morning for a chance to get tickets for the tourney in Las Vegas.

Zag WCC tourney tix

"We got up about 4:30, and have been here since 4:45," Chad Gray said.

"I got here around 5:45, 5:50 this morning," Jake Perry said.

Senior Brittany Dortch was the first in line at 3:20 a.m.

Underclassmen knew there might not be tickets for them, but it didn't deter the Bulldogs' diehard fans from showing up.

"A little bummed not going to Vegas but I hear there are going to be tickets available for purchase so it's good for the seniors to get to go though," junior Michael Sessler said.

"I don't think they are going to get any tickets," Gray said.

Still the fans came out in the pre-dawn hours in the hundreds for a shot at WCC tourney tickets, with many hoping and praying the #2 ranking is the beginning of a championship season.

"It's our senior year but with Indiana losing yesterday we might be number one, and that's a big thing around campus right now," senior Dylan Schwarz said.

For all those who may be doubting the mighty Bulldogs a message from the first in line Wednesday.

"You know what, keep hatin' because we are going to win and you know what we got, great support for our men and that's all that matters really in the end," Dortch said.