Gonzaga Prep students replacing old school textbooks with iPads

SPOKANE, Wash. - Using a textbook is now considered "old school" at Gonzaga Prep after administrators announced Thursday students will use iPads in classrooms starting next year.

Parents will be responsible for providing iPads for their kids to use and they'll use three apps: One to download textbooks, one to turn in assignments and another to study and take notes.

As you can imagine, students attending Thursday's assembly were excited with the news.

At the assembly, students were first asked to turn off their cell phones -- after all, they are a distraction -- and then, using an iPad for effect, Gonzaga Prep entered a new era of education where not only will iPads be welcomed into the classroom but will be required.

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To this news the students went wild, as their school becomes the first high school in Spokane to ditch textbooks for an all digital lifestyle.

Despite the high price tag of an iPad -- about $500 -- Principal Cindy Reopelle says there was little resistance from parents.

"I think it'll be a cost saving or our parents, our parents are responsible for buying their own textbooks for the students and so by buying an iPad we can provide textbooks for less expensive," she said.

She's right; a typical Gonzaga Prep parents will spend close to $400 a year on textbooks. With an initial investment into an iPad digital textbooks will then only cost about $15 each.

According to the principal distracting games and websites will be blocked by the school's WiFi.

The Spokane public school system has no immediate plans to replace textbooks with iPads but they are incorporating more e-readers and tablet computers into their curriculum. Students would check those out like they would a library book.