Glen the Bald Eagle transferring to WSU

SPOKANE, Wash. - Glen the Bald Eagle, injured one month ago, is still recovering at the Mount Spokane Veterinary Hospital . His injuries are keeping him in the hospital and he'll soon need special treatment to stay alive.

Veterinarians say his progress has now slowed so he'll need to be transported to WSU.

"I'm going to miss him, he's got a lot of character," Dr. Pearce Fujiura said.

The Fourth of July may be over but this symbol of America is still fighting.

Glen transferring to WSU

"I stay here overnight but he doesn't get the kind of care they can provide at the University," Dr. Fujiura said.

Glen was found in the middle of the road and given IVs to keep him alive. He's progressed since being admitted, but now he's hit a standstill.

"I think we've been suspecting that he has some sort of trauma, whether it be spinal or soft tissue trauma," Dr. Fujiura said.

It's still unknown what exactly happened to Glen. Vets think he was hit by a car or possibly ate something toxic. WSU may be able to identify Glen's problems with its specialized equipment. Doctor Fujiura will transport the bald eagle to Pullman on Saturday to start that process.

Although Glen can't even fly out of his cage, his eyes can still pierce your soul. Despite his uncertain future he's still fighting the only way he can now, one breath at a time.

"I'm just excited to see he's getting better and I hope that one day he'll get to a place where he can be released," Dr. Fujiura said.

Veterinarians say there's no real prognosis right now. They don't have a time table for when Glen might be released back into the wild, because they don't exactly know what's wrong with him.